IT Refresh Program 

Lease Refresh Program Empowers Manufacturer to Focus on Food, Not Technology Challenges

The Customer

Organization Type:


Project Scope:
Technology Hardware and Software 

First American

  • Online lease management 
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Custom lease options
  • Efficient e-documents
  • Convenient equipment returns

The Challenge:

This Midwestern company with a strong cash position avoided debt whenever possible, preferring instead to buy and hold onto their assets. However, as their technology assets aged, the IT team found itself focused on repairing and maintaining outdated equipment. This prevented them from adopting a more strategic role supporting the company’s mission.

To stop this drain on resources, the company sought a more flexible, easy-to-manage solution.

Our Solution:

We provided a customized lease program for all of the company’s technology equipment, including data center servers, networking equipment, computers, printers and even software. The lease agreement includes warranties and service contracts for all hardware, providing critical relief for the beleaguered IT team.

With more than 21 leases across multiple facilities, administering the program is effortless, thanks to the online CustomerConnect™ portal and live dashboard feed of all lease activity. As old equipment comes off lease, return centers are close and convenient. New equipment can be quickly added with flexible terms, and electronic documents make executing new lease agreements a breeze.

Business Impact:

The company now keeps nearly all technology equipment only for pre-defined lifespans via a disciplined refresh program. The IT team is no longer slowed down by old equipment and is instead able to focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the company’s core processes. Efficient equipment returns and comprehensive lease maintenance tools minimize the administrative burden. As a result, today the company’s more strategic use of resources empowers them to do what they do best: produce delicious, high-quality food. 

Our services include much more than just technology financing...