Build-Outs + Expansions


Demand Growth. 

Consumer demands continue to be the strongest predictor of sales and success in 2018. The food and beverage industry has experienced a period of rapid growth and the forecasts show no signs of slowing.

Are you improving or expanding your business to accomodate the the shifts in product mix, sourcing, and packaging? From tax savings benefits to project simplification, First American has the skill and experience in financing expansion and renovation projects.

81% of Millennials and 78% of Gen Z would pay a premium price for foods with added health benefits. 

Are you seizing this opportunity? 


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"Companies who prioritize unmet needs by way of new-product initiatives, enhancement initiatives, and assortment decisions, will not only realize a boost to their bottom lines, but also build a loyal shopper base that will drive sales well into the future." 

- Andrew Mandzy, Director of Strategic Health and Wellness Insights | Nielsen

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Convenience is Key

23 of the 30 largest convenience store operators increased store count in the last 5 years. 


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Volume Sales Increase by Label Health Claim


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Complete Supply Chain


"Food and beverage manufacturers may consider increasing thier offerings of stack foods and RTE dishes."


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Complete Supply Chain


"For retailers, extending hours and devoting square footage to prepared foods or even in-store restaurants are convenience-oriented strategies."


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Seek Experience. 


First American is dedicated to helping food + beverage companies succeed in the increasingly competitive industry.We can provide customized solutions - from the straightforward purchase of new equipment to the complicated design and construction process of multifaceted, multi-location build-out projects.


      Leasing Benefits

  • Improve tax efficiency
  • Distribute costs over time
  • Finance 100% of costs
  • Budget consistency
  • Finance costs from multiple vendors

      Commonly Leased Projects

  • Furniture & fixtures
  • Implementation costs
  • Construction costs
  • Lighting
  • Production equipment


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